Bamboo Satori


Bamboo Satori - For Sale

Bamboo Satori is located about 25 miles north of Oklahoma City, in Guthrie, Oklahoma. We have about 2 acres dedicated to growing numerous species of Running Bamboo which can be grown in Oklahoma's climate conditions.

Bamboo Satori has been in business for about 20 years. It is with deep regret that our operations will have to cease in the near future. Running the business has become increasingly difficult with the passing of my husband and our primary helper; I'm not a spring chicken any more, either....

My home and business are on the same property in Guthrie. The home is currently under contract, and will be removed from the premise after closing. The land, with its remaining bamboo, is still available. The business has developed a steady stream of good will from loyal customers over the years. We will miss them. We would really love to see someone young come in and continue to serve them, or a reputable landscaping firm expand their operations. Currently, about 30 species of bamboo are growing on the property, which is on gently rolling land from the road down to a creek.

Meanwhile, we are still offering the existing bamboo plants for sale, by appointment only. If you have an interest in buying the property, or purchasing bamboo plants, please call or email me.